Transorbital.com© was originally instilled in 1996 in the height of the DOT.com bubble. Transorbital.com is the product of a rational analytical supposition of (air breathing) single-stage-to-orbit aerospace shuttles. Transorbital.com is designee to the 1988 Grand Forks (ND) "Hypersonic Air Breathing Rockets" treatise. Transorbital.com is designee to the 1993, 2001 and 2008 TRISONIC©, ASONIC© and UTURN© aerospace plane patents. Transorbital.com is designee to 2001 "supercooling", "liquefaction" and "isothermal" shock wave abatement suppositions (US patents #5191761, 6213431 and 7344111). Now Transorbital.com has become designee to the 2010 hypersonic "PIERCING"© (patent pending) (www.crysonix.com) and 2012 "HiRE"© (patent pending) hybrid hypersonic rocket propulsive systems.

Uturn Semantics

Aerospike propulsion module (ceramic shielded); Liquefaction nosecone (supercool hyperbole); Center: Tapered hydrogen tank +cargo hold; Winglets incl oxygen tanks; Vortex tabs


UTURN, Ultimate Convergence Machine
US Patent #7,344,111 (3/08) as continued via
US 11/040,170 (Jan. 21, 2005) (approved 1/09)

The Uturn is a cryogenic driven SSTO (single-stage-to-orbit) rocket propelled aerospace plane that would ascend to orbit in a first direction & hence re-enter the atmosphere in an opposed direction. The Uturn would be suitable for both human as well as cargo enterprise, adaptively scaleable & remotely operated. The Uturn includes a liquefaction system that enables the aerospace plane to travel at hypersonic velocities in the atmosphere with reduced drag. When operated in the reverse direction, the Uturn would impose greater drag so that the orbital kinetic energy may be dissipated at a higher altitude and over a longer time period that conventional vehicles. More specifically sub-cooling of the shock cone via the cryogenic potential of a primary LH2/LO2 propellant would facilitate both liquefaction of the shock front as well as abatement of the pressure wave, not only enabling hypersonic propulsion/flight but also facilitating distillation/tanking of (ambient) oxygen in the hypersonic regime.

Double Expansion -- US Patent #4817892:

The art of staging a tapered aerobody as a secondary expansion nozzle, such that during hypersonic flight, combustion may be sustained in such enlarged expansion volume whilst employing hydrocarbons/kerosene as principal propellant thru the atmospheric range.

Ducted Rockets -- US Patents #5191716/4817892:

Devising an air breathing rocket/aperture such that ambient air may be employed in lieu of tanked oxygen from takeoff thru space. Ditto hydrocarbons.

Asonic Aerospike Protocol -- US Patent #6213431, 4/01:

Utilizing hydrocarbon fuels in lieu of tanked hydrogen as primary orbital means of propulsion: Vortex // boundary layer management, adaptive keys, thrust vectoring, hydrocarbon/dual fuelling, bell hybrids. The future has arrived. Welcome X333. Abstract

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