This website is directed to the purpose of promoting the synergy and availability of orbital and virtual means.

THE APOLLO MYTH - ORBITAL THRUST - BROADBAND ENIGMA With the Apollo epic rapidly withering into a distant fable, man's next quest will most certainly entail the planetary system, prior to setting off into deep space. However, with orbital means prohibitively expensive and limited to an elitist pool, space travel is set to remain a distant myth.

The development of innovative propulsive/ shuttle technologies and support systems will hence dictate man's exploration into space -- with air breathing rockets, liquid air & spiked aerospikes* cues to the future.

Meanwhile the perfusion of the Internet proved least to mention sensational. However, barring the convenience of e-books, e-banking, e-bookings & e-burgers, surfing essentially remains the name of the game. With Broadband a nouveau perfunctory, suburbia remains locked in a bandwidth chasm -- with fiber deemed an elitist luxury. Eurns may well be likeable, but the real cues will be connectivity, iffusivity & symbiosis.